Fully Submerged

During the last couple weeks I have really been working hard to keep a mind focused on prayer despite working these crazy work hours for the summertime! One thing that I have been reminded of a lot lately is to not get comfortable in the presence of God. We are each called to be more than ankle deep (or luke warm) in our walk with God.
We should constantly be surrounding ourselves with things that create a more spirit filled way of thinking so that we can continue to grow in our walk and put that way of thinking to work in prayer, in church, and in our everyday lives. We are constantly given opportunities to bring glory and victory to God! Whether it’s just lending a helping hand to a friend or coworker or speaking with someone about who Jesus Christ is! 

Now this also goes hand in hand with showing God’s love! Just as 1 John 3:17 says, “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” As we work hard to grow in our walk with God we are placed around people to help encourage us and for us to encourage. We encourage by showing love and affection, as well as respect and integrity. I am so blessed with the people God surrounds me with because they encourage me when they see I’m doing good but they also aren’t afraid to speak up when they believe I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. God uses them to help me grow and make me a better person. 

My main point is that we need to surround ourselves with like minded people and strive to run at God with everything we can while living in a constant prayer state of mind! This is how we grow and eventually become fully submerged in The Holy Spirit! 



Thrilled About God

I’m constantly hearing my pastor, worship leader, and just people in my church saying “lift up a shout of praise to the Lord!” During worship I see people jumping, dancing, and truly making some pretty awesome noise for the Lord. I’ve learned that as a follower of Christ, the best thing you can be is thrilled about God.

I have seen it happen many times; kids come home from church camp or a conference and they’re on fire for God. It lasts for a couple weeks or months for some and then that flame is blown out like a lantern without oil. I’ll let you in on a little secret: the oil is being thrilled for Him. Being excited about God, about your friendship with our Savior, about your relationship with our Father. We get so wrapped up and focused on all the “rules” and “requirements” that being a Christian calls for that we become a religious group rather than a body of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, turning your life to God calls for a special will strength to leave behind the worldly things that consume your thoughts and replacing them with positive, Godly thoughts. It is just much more easier when you remember how wonderful and glorious He truly is. It’s exciting news. It’s the good news!

So today, rejoice and praise Him. & Tell someone how Thrilled about God you are!